Project Update!

Hi everyone,

The updates are going slow again, real life is taking too much time to sort out my stuff. But I am determined to make it happen and hope to get posting a few months soon.

~Star 🙂

-> Finished October 2014 Update

-> Finished September 2014 Update

-> Finished August 2014 Update


October 2014 Update

– Offline
As stated in my last month blog I got a brand new PS4 to play on, which means a welcomed break from EVE Online. Skill training continued, some chats were done, but no screenshots made.

Thankfully EVE is an awesome game and stuff happens all the time, so I did some digging around.

– EVE Sov-map timelapse 2007-2014
The sovereignty map has been a perma-link in my browser for as long as its been available and there were times I checked it every day just to see how sov was moving. In the picture below you can see in a timelapse of 7 years how alliances take power in null-sec, grow and others come in and take over. It is quite awesome to watch if you are a fan of such history information like me.
<- lol, ok, click this silly icon 🙂

Link to current sov-map:
Link to current coalition map:

– New Sensor Overlay coming
EVE continues to get updates and new stuff, this is one part why I still love this game 🙂
In the upcoming expansion there will be a new overlay on the UI that gives explorers something to look at, shown in the video made by JonnyPew, enjoy!

– Dev talks
4 November 2014 is the date of the arrival of Phoebe, an expansion that will give more control to large-scale alliance warfare.

  • Nullsec travel changes
  • Unlimited skill queue !!!!!!!! 😀
  • A re-invented Invention system
  • Mission objective guidance
  • Reduced trial account restrictions

Thats all, cya soon 🙂